Summer Evening of Spirit Messages July 31st Thursday 12 pm - 9 pm

Summer Evening of Spirit Messages 
Sponsored by Healthy Living Magazine

July 31st Thursday 12 pm - 9 pm  
FEATURING THE SOUTH SHORES FINEST READERS! Cathi Burke Cristina Burke • Doreen Tripp    Elaine Read-Cole Jill Jardine • Lauren Deknis Bortolami
Lori DoupĂ© Sheridan • Michelle Kundzicz
Nancy Smith • 

Patti Sheets  •  Ronnie Shaffer •

Most reading $40 for 20 minutes. 

Showcasing: Massage,  Jewelery,  Essential Oils, Organic Products, Healing Stones and more!

At Nantasket Beach Resort
1st Floor, 45 Hull Shore Drive,  Hull 

• Rev. Cathi Burke
Angel Medium and Spirit Medium
For the Past 18 years Rev. Cathi Burke has been teaching and offering Heightened Angelic Connections and Spiritual Counseling Sessions. She has helped those who have crossed her path to connect with their Angels, guides and the Divine Universal Energies that surround us, as she empowers each client to experience their Soul's "True" Mission and Life Purpose.

• Cristina Burke
Angel Messenger and Spirit Medium

As an Angel Messenger and Spirit Medium her Intuition blends with her Healing Gifts as she is committed to helping those who cross her path. 

• Deborah Wallace
Spirit Medium and Angel Therapy

Helping others heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually through Spirit Communication is Deb’s passion. Her intent is to empower others to heal themselves by discovering the special gifts they too possess and deserve. 

• Doreen Tripp
Angel Intuitive Psychic Medium/ Lightworker

As a Angel Intuitive Psychic Medium I channel messages from Angels and Spirit guides and relay these messages to receiving individuals. I always incorporate healing into my readings, social-emotional, physical and spiritual. I consider what I do to be spiritual counseling and I enjoy helping others to lighten their grief and burdens.

Emma Phaneuf
A renowned intuitive advisor for the past 28 years.
A gifted psychic, medium, and channel.
Has helped her clientele to reclaim their happiness and peace.


Jill Jardine Astrologer and Spiritual Advisor
Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, is a professional astrologer with an international clientele. Her services include: Astrology/Spiritual Intuitive Readings:An astrology reading focuses on your birth chart and  transiting aspects, giving insight into life cycles and potentials.

Lauren Deknis Bortolami
Lauren is a true professional and the owner of The Reiki Shoppe in Bridgewater, MA.  Lauren is a Catholic, Medium, Healer, and Teacher that can read your angels, guides, and loved ones simultaneously to heal your heart and prove you are never alone. Her compassion, love, and generosity in her reading work is a bond that she carries forever. Your life will truly be changed with every word she speaks in her guidance and love for you.

• Lori DoupĂ© Sheridan
Medium and Angel Messenger

Lori Sheridan is a medium, angel messenger, and spiritual teacher. During a spiritual counseling session she shares messages of love, hope, and healing from deceased loved ones and angels.


• Michelle Kundzicz
Angel Intuitive and Intuitive Reader

I have been on my journey as a Light Worker for over 15 years. I am a Certified Practitioner of Angel Reading/ Enlighten Tarot/Spirit Channel/ Intuitive/Reiki I and  II Healer, Trained in Magnified Healing. 

Nancy Smith
Spirit Artist

Nancy's goal is to help people and show them the things that often go unseen. Through Nancy's spiritual connections, she is able to perform a mediumship reading and show a likeness of the communicator in a spirit drawing with pencil and pastel on paper.  Nancy will be offering drawings at the event for $60.

 • Patti Sheets
Psychic and Tarot Reader

Patti is an a intuitive counselor who has been reading professionally in the New England area since 1980. She is a recognized Tarot/astrology numerology expert and noted psychic. 

• Ronnie Shaffer
Tarot Card and Numerology

Ronnie is a well known medium and intuitive using numerolgy as one of her tools because number vibrations are felt and seen everyday and when you think about it you know how important they play in our everyday lives. 

Join Rev. Cathi Burke and the 8 Angel Rays of Light accompanied by the Rainbow Chakra Crystals Bowls for a Journey of Pure Divine Love, Vitality, Abundance, Miracles, Peace, Healing, Joy, Faith and Grace, as the 8 Angel Rays work throughout your body, mind, soul and auric field, clearing and cleansing the old to welcome the new

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